Wednesday, December 04, 2002

crashing the war party
The spectacle of the Bush Administration's panic over the too-smooth inspection regime would almost be funny if it weren't the precursor to global tragedy. The subject is being well-covered over at Stand Down.

There is a canny and often-missed observation in this article on Sunspot -- which is basically that the United Nations and particularly traditional American allies have bent over backwards to give the Bush Administration a face-saving way out of the Iraq disaster. Of course, since Bush and Co. don't much care if it's a disaster in conventional terms -- it's likely that they want perpetual war and aren't especially fussy about generating a more dangerous worldwide environment for American citizens and interests -- what they're really looking for is a face-saving way into Iraq. It looks increasingly that this isn't going to happen, so the American invasion is going to be orders of magnitude less credible than your average defense of democracy.